Dinner Time

Home again and it’s time to make dinner. Luckily, I love to cook! Tonight I’ll be making skillet-roasted chicken breasts with lavender and red wine butter sauce. I got the recipe from a book purchased last Summer in Napa Valley. Picture 003The book is called 100 Main Dishes to Enjoy with Wines You Love. It’s written by Jill Silverman Hough. The dish is paired with merlot wine. Luckily I grew lavender in my herb garden last Summer so I actually had some dried lavender blossoms on hand. Along with this main dish I’ll be making wild rice with mushrooms. This recipe comes from another of my new cookbooks, Picture 004This book purchased at the Williams Sonoma store in Union Square, San Francisco is called San Francisco Entertains.  It’s a cookbook celebrating the centennial of the Junior League of San Francisco. Whenever I’m off on vacation I love to collect cookbooks of the region and as I prepare their recipes I have the feeling I’m back in those fun places. Besides, the food is yummy.

If the new recipes are good they get copied and placed in my tested recipe notebooks. Every week I create a menu using 90% new recipes, but 10% tested recipes. My system keeps daily meals interesting and when it’s time to entertain I have a wealth of tested recipes ready to serve to my guests.

We have to eat so why not make mealtime and cooking an adventure in experimentation and fine dining? Get yourself a chef’s coat, hat, and a few good cookbooks. PictureDig out the bowls, copper pots and frying pans. ( I got an iron frying pan for Christmas that must weigh at least 10 pounds. I needed it for tonight’s chicken recipe that started on the stove but ended up in the oven.) Set a lovely table with candles and linen. Julia Child will be proud of you and so will your family when you serve them meals fit for a king, queen, prince or princess You’ll be proud of yourself too and you’ll have a lot of fun.. Cooking is an art, a delicious art. Don’t you want to be an artist? Aren’t you hungry? I am.