French food anyone?

I love French food – so yummy, French people  – so chic,  the French language – so musical, and a trip to France –  so romantic, so naturally when I heard about a French cafe and bakery I had to investigate

The blue door
     Friends told me about this establishment,  the Blue Door Cafe,  and it’s aptly named,  for it truly does have a blue entrance door, but curious and hungry minds like mine (and maybe  like yours) want to know just exactly what is behind this blue door.  I took it upon myself to find out.

I stepped inside and was shown to a table.  A quick look around told me the place was clean and  that’s always most important in a restaurant. The Blue Door is not a fancy place, but that’s ok with me because  restaurants that are too slick often lack charm. (And if you’ve ever been to Europe you’ll agree that many of the restaurants  in small villages there are quite  unpretentious too.)

I was smart to arrive at The Blue Door on an off hour, not the morning breakfast time  nor the busy lunch  rush, so the place wasn’t very crowded.


This was good for me because I was able to talk to the staff, ask  many questions, and of course,  Take Pictures!


And here  they are!  Meet the people behind the scene who make the kitchen run like clockwork.  Happy-looking people, aren’t they?  Maybe they’re so happy because their work day is nearly over and they’ll be free to go home soon, but I suspect they’re always  happy because they love their work, and happy bakers make happy, delicious food.

The girls
 And here are the girls who take the orders, work behind the counter,  deliver the food,  do the cleanup and probably do a lot more too … they do it all with big smiles on their faces and I think that’s very  important.  My spiritual directives tell me we should all be of service to others, but we must do our work with joy or it doesn’t count at all.

Mike, The owner and head baker
And here’s THE MAN, the man behind the whole operation.  This is Mike.  He told me about his training and some of his  plans for the restaurant.  I applaud him.  It’s important we all pursue our dreams and that’s exactly was Mike is doing, and I’ll tell you, he makes a mean croissant.  Take a look at the delicious sandwich I ordered.

The Croissant Monsieur
This sandwich is the Blue Door’s version of a traditional French Bistro style sandwich (using a house made large croissant) with extra bold imported Dijon mustard, Leoncini ham, cave-aged imported Gruyere, and house-made bechamel/ served with house-made chips.  I enjoyed it very much along with  a cup of their delicious  house ground Angel Falls coffee, coffee that is  made right here in Akron, Ohio.

If you have a chance to go to France… Go! … by all means, but if not, go to the Blue Door Cafe for breakfast or for  lunch.  Watch a little of A Year in Provence first, and then step into the cafe and let the food take you the rest of the way,  away to a French experience – at least  to a French food experience.

The mission of the Blue Door Cafe is to offer you, their guest, an ever-changing menu full of healthy, creative and house-made dishes using as many of the freshest, high-quality and local ingredients as possible.

If you love good food as I do, good French food, and if you live anywhere near Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio this place is for you, but if you’re reading this from some far off location I hope I haven’t made you too hungry.  I hope you can find a good French cafe and bakery to enjoy in your own area, but if not,  take out your cook books and try to make your own croissants and brioche.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

Bon Appetite!

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