Share Joy

Carol Ann coming to call

I’m gonna wrap myself in paper

I’m gonna dab myself with glue

Put a stamp on top of my head

And I’m gonna mail myself to YOU!

Wishful thinking I know.  but as a Lady of Letters with a highly cultivated  imagination, it’s fun for me to think about doing just that, mailing myself to you so we could have a little visit over a cup of tea.  As it is, I have to be content writing you this post.

 The little poem  I’ve shared with you is actually lyrics to a  song  I used to teach  the children in my music classes at  schools in Boston and Cleveland.  It’s a Valentine’s Day song and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  Are you ready?

 Wouldn’t it be fun if we really could send ourselves  to everyone we cared about, all on the same day, the way Santa gets around?   We could bring along a present for each person  — a sentimental, beribboned, and flowery present.  I’d love to come over to your house with my pot of tea and  some of the Valentine cupcakes I’m making.


Maybe I could bring you some flowers too.  Everybody loves fragrant  fresh flowers, don’t they?


But if you’re one of the rare people who doesn’t like flowers, I bet you’d like a box of chocolates!


These are for my husband  – mums the words – but I’d be happy to get some candy for you too, if only I could pop over to your house tomorrow… but I can’t.

I should be sending you a greeting card.  Cards and letters are always nice when you can’t visit in person.  I was delighted  to receive this pretty card from my pen friend Joy.


 Joy is the perfect name for this lady for she shares joy with me in every one of her letters.  But how does one send cards to all the people they care about?  Daily life gets so in the way for these thoughtful  things we want to do.

Some of my friends even make their own special greeting cards.  That’s what my pen friend Gwen does and she sent this card to me.


She’s getting so good at making her cards, they hardly look home made.  They’re beautiful – just like Gwen.

Most people love holidays, but as nice as they are, I have to admit holidays frustrate me.  That’s because I’d love to make every holiday very special, celebrating each one with every person I care about, creating all the pretty things I imagine or see  in the glossy pages of magazines.  But I can’t manage it!!! … just as I can’t wrap myself up with paper, dab myself with glue, put a stamp on top of my head and mail myself to you — and  it’s so FRUSTRATING!

All I can do is  keep a song in my heart (and that I can manage because, after all, I AM a  music teacher)  and let my little light shine, sharing love and joy in bits and pieces with everyone I meet…  not just on holidays, but every day.  A smile here,  a greeting card there, an invitation to tea, sending a friendly letter, giving compliments, paying visits …little things done with love.   It’s not just Valentine’s Day and other holidays that should be special.  Everyday should be special and everyday we should share joy in some way.  If we all do this our world would be a nicer place for sure.  And this reminds me of the lyrics to another song.

I’m gonna make this world a better place

I’m gonna make this world a better place

I’m gonna make this world a better place

Just by being me

I’m gonna care about others not just about me

Gonna make a difference you will see.

There’s got to be more to life than things

And I’m gonna find out what that means

So have yourself a Happy Valentine’s Day, but if you can’t get around to everyone you love on this one day, or on any other holiday, don’t fret, there’s always tomorrow.



How did you share joy today?  I’d love to know.  Please leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Share Joy

  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my cards. I just love your blog!! I have wanted to visit the O’Neil House and now I feel like I have. In fact, I feel like I have been on all your excursions and look forward to many more.

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