It’s Apple Blossom Time for Sharing Tea – Visiting Day!


There’s a time to work and a time to play.

Today is a play day.  Today I’m  going visiting.  Today I’m not playing the part of hostess.  Today I am playing the part of guest!

Today it’s my friend Andy who is playing the part of host.  He’s  invited me to tea.

Andy has also invited my friend Evelyna to tea.

When was the last time you were invited to tea?

When you give, good things come back to you.  If you entertain now and then, chances are,  from time to time you will be entertained as well.

It’s another beautiful day in my neighborhood, a grand day to go visiting, but then any day is a grand day for friendship and visiting.

Evelyna and I arrive at Andy’s house and we are greeted by a glorious apple tree bursting with color.  It is apple blossom time you know!


 Evelyna  is so delighted with this tree she runs up to it and caresses its  blossoms  I can’t blame her.  I want to do the same thing.


The beauty of nature is all around  us here in Andy’s yard.


There are all sorts of  romantic, old fashioned garden structures at every turn.  They  enchant us.


We approach the wisteria-covered arbor and slowly make our way to the door , all the while admiring the beauty of nature on this lovely Spring day.

When finally at the door we knock and…


Andy appears – all smiles.  “We’re here”, we say.  “And we’re bearing hostess gifts.  Evelyna brought one of her famous pumpkins rolls  and I brought Andy one of my favorite  books of spiritual meditation.


We sit relaxing like ladies of leisure,  talking to Andy from the next room while he  fusses in the kitchen with last minute details…


and then it’s off to the tea table which is set beautifully just for our pleasure.  How wonderful!


More fresh apple blossoms grace the table and Andy has set  little boxes of chocolates at  our plates.  They serve as sweet  favors.

Lunch is simple, but delicious – chicken salad croissants accompanied by fresh fruit.


Andy even decorated our plates with apple blossoms.  What a guy!  When it’s apple blossom time we should all take advantage of the splendor and bring those blossoms in to be enjoyed up close.  That’s true of all the lovely flowers blooming in our Springtime gardens – lilacs, lily of the valley… Everything!

The ice water on our table was garnished with orange slices and the tea was cherry flavored.  There was also a delicious broccoli soup.

 Our tummies were happy and full, but there was more.  Evelyna,  being a master baker, decided to bring  a bit of dessert,


It’s nice to have friends who are master bakers… masters at anything, especially if they share their mastery with  their friends.

Evelyna brought us two goodies.  She made  raspberry lemon tartletts.  They consisted of a butter cookie shell filled with lemon curd and garnished with fresh bursting  raspberries and  mint.  She also made walnut mocha squares.  These squares are a Croatian recipe.  They consist of brown sugar pastry topped with espresso infused mocha cream  (YUM!)  and garnished with chocolate beans.

Evelyna  tells us the delicious chocolate beans are  hard to find, but she has a source –  shops called  “Earth Fare”.  They carry the luscious little gems should you want to buy some for yourself.

Evelyna’s goodies

We ate.  We drank. (tea)  We chatted.

 Though all of us are  busy, it is so very nice, and quite civilized,  to pause now and then  taking time for tea –  taking time to appreciate  nature –  taking time to foster friendship.  Two hours of this repast and off we went… refreshed!  We returned to our lives  with renewed contentment and the  warm fuzzy glow that only beauty and friendship can provide.


Take Time!   Take Tea!   Take Joy!

4 thoughts on “It’s Apple Blossom Time for Sharing Tea – Visiting Day!

  1. Oh what a fun and relaxing time!! The food looked so delicious and the table was beautiful. I could almost smell the lovely apple blossoms.

  2. Yes, it was relaxing and Andy did a good job. Not many guys would bother having a tea. Not many gals bother inviting others for tea. You got to see Evelyna too. I hope she writes you soon.

  3. I hope she writes too but I will be surprised if she does. Sounds like she is just too busy..

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