The wonderful Art of Letter Writing


Today I started the day by writing a letter to my pen friend Jennifer in Delray Beach, Florida.  I hope you also had some letter writing fun today.  After all, a day without letter writing is like a day without sunshine.  Don’t you agree?  And if we add art play to our letter the experience is even more enjoyable.


Today I decided to create a floral note card for Jennifer’s letter and to help with that I pulled out a  book for inspiration.  This “Flower Sticker book” designed by Fiona Johnson contains pictures of garden flowers with notes regarding their size, blooming time and characteristics.  I don’t use the stickers in the usual way, but rather as models for my own drawings.

A page of Fiona’s book
I’ll choose a flower from Fiona’s book, a flower  that is currently in bloom, take out my watercolor pencils, and go to town.  You don’t have to be a great artist to enjoy drawing.  Think of the fun little kids have. Well, you can have that fun too.   I always make a note in the book as to which flower design my correspondents  receive for there’s  no point sending the same design over and over when there are so many flowers to choose.


And after a little art play I have a one-of-a-kind card to use for my letter writing.   Fun, fun, fun!  The price is right too because I have a great source for purchasing paper.  It’s Hollo’s in Brunswick, Ohio.  (   I figure each of my handmade cards costs about 10 to 20 cents to make, but I don’t make these cards because I’m frugal.  I make them because art play is so much fun!

Today I decided to draw the Clematis flower for Jennifer’s letter.  Are you a gardener familiar with this climbing plant?  Clematis loves to cover walls and fences.  Its flowers can be purple, blue, pink or white, and as you can see, its leaves are oval.  I love flowers, don’t you?  Well, if you try to draw them you will love and appreciate them even more for you’ll be forced to focus on their details, details you may never notice otherwise.  Like they say – to really love something you must know it, and if you’re like me, you’ll get to know and appreciate flowers even more when you attempt to draw them.

I don’t think it matters at all how great an artist we are, What matters is that we’re exercising our creativity and enjoying ourselves, then sharing our joy.  You know what I’m always saying – Sharing doubles the joy.  And one of  the perfect ways to share our joy for art is to send our artistic creations away in the form of  letters.

Jennifer’s letter

Of course the ideas we share in our letters are the main event.  Jennifer and I were discussing creativity in our correspondence and let me share with you some of her fine words on the subject.  She writes:

“Creatively I’ve tried many things but of late have found an interest in making handmade  greeting cards and note cards.  I’m thinking this is an endeavor I can enjoy for years barring any physical or mental incapacity.  I just have to give myself permission to ‘let go’ and let my hands guide me rather than my mind as I have a very strong and active inner critic. “

(And don’t we all?)

Jennifer then went on to tell me what her mantra is.  Her mantra, which she repeats to herself over and over, is a quote by Kelly Kilmer.  Jennifer loves these words and so do I.

It’s all about the journey.  Make.  Create.  Don’t worry or over think.  Make art for you and your own sake.

So what have you created today?  There are so many ways in which to be creative.  You probably guessed  two of my favorites are writing and art, and when you put the two together what do you get?

The Wonderful Art of Letter Writing

5 thoughts on “The wonderful Art of Letter Writing

  1. Another great blog…and yes a day without a letter is like a day without sunshine….I’ve written to two new Letter Exchange writers and have three letters to answer….keep writing your wonderful blogs to encourage folks to write…
    Rock On !

  2. Thanks again Kathy. I appreciate your kind comment. Those new Lexers must be overjoyed to have met you for you’re such a fine letter writer and wonderful, encouraging friend. Old pen friends, new pen friends … all good!

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