The Art of Letter Writing + Nature = A Heavenly morning

My little bit of heaven
It’s a beautiful late August day here in Hudson and I decided to write my daily letter (today to Joy who lives in South Carolina) on the patio.  It won’t be long before Hudson days get cool and wet and the patio will be off limits, only enjoyed through the ‘looking glass’ so to speak.  (By that I mean the sliding glass door of the music room).



So the first thing I had to do was create some stationary for Joy’s letter.  This is always a fun task.  I decided to create a “fashionable”-looking letter ( Get it? ) using  pictures of  clothes found in a cute little book I own called “Doodle Dolls” by Jessie Eckel.


And here it is


Jessie’s book has lots of fun pictures of clothes.  They inspire all sorts of my stationary designs.


Letters to Joy seem to write themselves because Joy and I have a lot in common.  One such thing is Motherhood, and both of us are currently dealing with one of our children off and away.  We know they have to go and we’re happy for them, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss them terribly.  Joy’s daughter is off to her first year of college (Hi Estelle, hope you’re having fun)  and my son is backpacking in Europe (follow his travels at: (

Letters are great for us, for everyone really, because sharing not only doubles the joy, it also divides any sorrow, and as Joy and I discuss our feelings about our children moving on we feel better for the sharing.  Of course we have many joys to discuss in our letters too.  House and garden are two of our favorite subjects.  Joy sent me a picture of a bedroom in her last letter which I loved!  I will keep that picture handy and let it inspire a guest room I’m decorating.


How do you like this room?  As you may know, I live in an 1853 house so period wallpaper really appeals to me, and don’t you just love the bedding?  I want to  hop right in that bed.  The bedding looks like fluffy, white whipping cream, another of my favorite things.

My work setting

So after a delightful visit with Joy via paper and pen, I am now ready to write to you using my laptop here on the patio.


and I have some wonderful Brazilian music ( a cd called Brazilian Cafe) to keep me company

IMG_4733[1]along with my fuzzy furry companion, Alexander



Don’t forget the beauty of nature all around me.




So after this very long introduction to today’s post, maybe it will be enough to share just a few points from the book of letters I recently  wrote.  My book has no title yet.  Have you any ideas for me?

Pages from my book of letters

Notes regarding The Art of Letter Writing

1.  The Art of Letter Writing is not dead and gone.  It’s  simply forgotten or undiscovered by many.

2.  If you’re a letter writer spread the word by writing a beautiful letter to a friend or relative unfamiliar    with the pleasures of letter writing.  Give compliments to make your friend happy and ask questions      so they want to write back.

3.  If you know someone who is having a birthday, anniversary, or could use a get well card, send that      card, but include a letter.

4.  Write to the elderly and/or others who may need company even if they can’t write back to you.  It’s    very nice to go visiting,  bringing a bouquet of flowers along, but sending a letter full of cheerful                  thoughts is very nice too, and your thoughtfulness is a sort of ‘spiritual  bouquet’ which will be                  equally, or maybe more,  appreciated.

and one more thought for today’s post

5.  If you love letters and feel someone should do something to spread the word about their beauty       and value in the modern world (besides me)  then say to yourself – “Hey!  I’m a someone  too”.  And       tell everyone you meet about the joys of letter writing… and while you’re at it, tell them about this           blog  for I’ve decided to devote it to this, my favorite subject …

The beautiful Art of Letter Writing

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