I got mail.


As I was about to begin writing to you today I noticed my mail lady rounding the curve in my driveway.  I jumped right out of my chair to meet her.


It’s always a thrill to see her cute little white truck in my yard because so often, like Santa, she arrives with gifts for me in her mail bag.  Today was no exception.  I GOT MAIL! – and not just any mail.  I got A  Personal Letter.  YES!


I’m always so excited to find a letter addressed just to me, and as you can see, Tracy was excited  for me too.  She’s such a nice lady and exactly what a postal worker should be.  Traci is friendly, very sweet,  and  excited about good mail.  She appreciates and understands the value of a personal letter.  In fact, Tracy  told me she has distinct and fond memories of her grandmother sitting and writing letters.  Tracy also said if more people would write letters today, as they did in the past, the postal service would be on solid ground again. You wonder why The United States Postal Service doesn’t start a campaign to publicize the pleasures of letter writing.  I offered my services.  Maybe some day they’ll take me up on my offer.


And  here it is – the enevelope I got in today’s mail!

Now, some people can find a personal letter addressed just to them and remarkably they’re able to set it aside and read it later.  Not I.  All else stops when I receive a letter.  I might be able to hold off long enough to pour myself a nice drink so I can sit back, get comfortable, and sip while I read, but that’s about the limit to my patience.  The letters keep calling me till I devour every last word contained in their pages


 Today’s personal letter

As you have  seen I received only one letter today, but hey, every day can’t be a great letter day .  But in that letter from Andria, a new pen friend, there was another gift – a cute bookmark and it looks hand made.  Neat!  How many letters with gifts inside did you receive today?

Andria and I seem to have more than a few appreciations in common and that always makes for a fun correspondence.  In today’s letter she was telling me about her love for afternoon tea gatherings.  I love such gathering too.  How ’bout you?  Andria was writing  about the ‘Tea and Craft’ events that she enjoyed at her church.  These once a month events brought people together for yet another very nice way to share joy.

I look forward to writing Andria about my home,  a house built in 1853.  In time I’ll also tell her about my last house which was older yet.  It was built in 1829.   I think It’s easier to live a charmed life in a charming old house.  At least it’s easier for me.  Andria seems to appreciate historical architecture and old world ways as I do, and obviously that includes an appreciation for The Art of Letter Writing.  You’d think more people who love things of the past would also enjoy letters and I do think they would if only “awakened” to the pleasure of a letter.


Andria writes, “As far as letter writing, it does have that charm and sense of nostalgia that I cannot get enough of.  I wish I could hop into a time machine and visit the past, as the present holds very little charm for me.”

I must introduce Andria to another of my letter friends – Evelyna.  Coincidentally they live very near each other.


Meet Evelyna

Evelyna works at living “The Charmed Life” as I do.  Her letters reflect that charm.  Whenever  Evelyna has the time she creates the most beautiful art for her letters.  Talk about art play… Evelyna’s play is quite sensational.  Take a look at a few of her creations.


In this card Evelyna  added cotton for snow and natural dried plant material to capture a Wintry feeling.  It is nice to capitalize on the beauty of the Season when sending off our letters, isn’t it?


One of the many things Evelyna and I share is a love of nature.  And if we love nature why not share that love and appreciation every way we can.  As you see in this card  Evelyna does just that by adding pressed violets picked from her yard.  Violet-colored script adds a nice touch.


And in this card Evelyna is celebrating her Love for Lavender and not just the color lavender.  Evelyna was celebrating lavender flowers and Springtime.  In this letter she shared her delight in presenting  a program on this subject  to some lucky organizations.  Not only does Evelyna have  lots of talents and appreciations, but she makes a point of sharing them, and sharing is so very important as you well know.  It doubles the joy!


Of course, it’s not only the lovely art in Evelyna’s letters, it’s also  her tiny meticulous script and printing – so neat and  easy to read.  And of course, I love the way she thinks.  Reading her letters gives me energy  as all good things tend to do.  I hope you have an Evelyna or two writing you.  I am blessed to know her, but I take credit for that.  You see, I met Evelyna at an antique and craft show and I knew when I saw her lovely baked goods which she was selling (she’s a master baker along with everything else) that she was someone I needed in my life.  I suggested we keep in touch.  I wrote her the first letter and then she reciprocated and the rest is history.  I hope you too hang on to interesting people you meet.  Letter writing will help you do just that,  for as I always say –

Letter Writing shrinks the whole world into a friendly neighborhood.

And who doesn’t want to live in a friendly neighborhood filled with the kind of people who write great letters and send those letters off to you?

Want good mail?

Write letters!

2 thoughts on “I got mail.

  1. Speaking of letters, I just read your latest gift of a letter. Tonight I will make a little pot of tea, light some candles, and write you back. It’s been much too long since I’ve allowed myself this mindful ritual. Much love!

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