Apples and Oranges

Which do you like?
I like both

As I was sitting in my kitchen this morning gazing at the apples and oranges on the table, my mind started to wander.  I got to thinking about the expression  people use when comparing two very different items.   They often say, ” These things are like apples and oranges.”

I started thinking about all the many things in my life that are as different as apples and oranges, and how this rich mix of ingredients helps to make my days so fun and interesting.  One of those ingredients, letters, is old style, but I also enjoy many new style methods of communication as well.  Both together give me the potential for optimum sharing.  Technology and The Art of Letter Writing do not have to be an “either/or”.  They can be a “both/and”.  Like apples and oranges they’re very different from each other, but both styles of communication have much to offer us.

 Most people today think about technology quite a bit.  They think about it, talk about it, dream about it, and spend lots of their money buying it, but I doubt if  most modern people  ever think about the Art of Letter Writing.  They’ve either forgotten letters ever existed or they never discovered the delight of letters in the first place.  Out of sight means out of mind and out of mind means dead and gone.  But I happen to know from experience both forms of communication exist today and both are quite wonderful.  I know this because I use both forms of communication every single day,

Technology vs. The Art of Letter Writing

Apple vs Oranges

One mode of communication travels very fast and the other very slow.  One is composed swiftly and the other is composed in a gracious, leisurely manner.  One form of communication encourages reflection and the other is saying “Get on with it, hurry up!” One is machine-made and the other is handmade. One is lasting and the other is here today and gone in an instant.  One focuses on communicating brief ideas and the other encourages ideas to flow on and on  in a  stream of consciousness manner.

 One is Technology and the other is ART.

Styles change

I suppose there will always be  people who like only what is shiny and new.  But others of us enjoy and appreciate the good and beautiful from every era.   And there are so many fine things from the past to enjoy – old movies, old fashion designs, old architecture styles, old books… the list goes on and on.   Museums are filled with old treasures and people flock to see these things, but some old things can be embraced and incorporated  right into our modern lives.  Letter Writing is one of those old, but very valuable things.  Letters can be enjoyed today just as they were enjoyed  in days of old.

George Du Maurier, the French-born, British cartoonist and author of the late 1800’s said,


And I say,


 I would hate to have to choose between apples and oranges or apples and peaches.  Wouldn’t you?    I would also hate to have to choose between new and old styles of communication, but luckily I don’t have to choose and neither do you.  Both forms of communication co-exist in my life very nicely offering me the best of new and old worlds.  They’re both there for you too.

Today’s letter to Tamra

I start my day with reflection, a little art play, and then I’ll compose a handwritten letter to a friend.  I’ll do a few things and  later check my e-mail.  I’ll do a few more things and the mail arrives –  lovely letters from friends who live all around the world.  More things are attended to, and perhaps I’ll write a post for my blog,  and so the  day proceeds –  activity to activity, punctuated with breaks for communication, both old and new-style communication.

Live richly.

Have an apple.  Have an orange,

Use your computer, but also slow down and write a thoughtful letter.

Old and new

A rich mix

2 thoughts on “Apples and Oranges

  1. Well Carol……….I have carried around an envelope and paper to write to you……but there would be so much to write it wouldn’t fit in the envelope…… I will just have

    to catch up with you SOON using another method of communication…….like maybe the telephone!!!  Later, Mary    P.S.  Ended up LABORING in the house all day…..what a unique way

    to celebrate LABOR DAY……which seems to occur quite frequently lately!!!

  2. Mary, Yes, it sounds like we need a telephone chat for it has been a long time. As I said in my post, there’s a time for a letter and a time for an email and a time for a phone call and a time for all forms of communication, both old and new, under heaven. Hope all your news is good news.

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