Some Letters are quite a surprise – quite a Spiritual Surprise

spiritual surprise

Because I am a Lady of Letters it’s no great surprise when I find lots of luscious letters in my mailbox each and every day, but I am surprised by the ones that arrive in unexpected places at unexpected times from unexpected  sources.

One example of  receiving  surprising  letters such as this occurred when I was attending a retreat some years ago.  I was not particularly enthusiastic about attending this retreat, but I was talked into it.  There are all kinds of retreats out there and the more time I spent at this one the more I realized it was not the kind for me.

images (3) christian pop music

Though many people love Christian pop music I’m not one of them. In fact, I dislike much of it, so hearing it played all through the retreat was not my cup of tea. Music is a very personal thing and the same kind of music doesn’t suit everyone.  That’s why sometimes silence is the best background for spiritual prayer and meditation. The music that was supposed to inspire me did nothing of the sort. 

Group activities at this retreat weren’t any better.  The skits and games that were meant to draw us out and help us share seemed silly and childish to me,  not at all thoughtful and reverent.  I suppose I was just more serious than many of the other participants.

images (3) spiritual lessons learned

Prior to this retreat I had been working hard at learning my spiritual lessons, and as a result of that work I was already in a nice spiritual place.  I didn’t feel I needed a retreat to be inspired any further at that time and in actuality this retreat was not inspiring me one bit, but only making me feel dreary.  This was because most of the participants were very troubled and their discussions were down right depressing.  Though I felt sorry for these people I didn’t know how I could help them and being witness to their pain only brought me down until…


it was announced that letters had arrived for us.  Letters?  Yes!  I perked right up.  Letters are my friends and it seemed they had come to rescue me from this retreat. The people running things realized it would be nice for us to receive letters in which friends and relatives shared their faith through personal stories.   And in this matter they were right!

I had been blessed with a wonderful family and many great friends who were filled with faith. Being part of this circle was largely responsible for the spiritual joy I had discovered long before this retreat.  Receiving these faith-filled letters of love from friends and family was wonderful.

If it hadn’t been for these beautiful letters turning up when they did, surprising me with joy, well, this retreat would’ve been a total disaster for me.  The letters saved the day.  They were an unexpected, very welcome, spiritual surprise.

images (3) the hand of Jesus

On another occasion I was surprised by a letter from A Special Friend  who usually didn’t write to me.  Maybe He writes to you and if He does I’d love to hear about His letters. Let me explain.

My family and I were vacationing in Bermuda.  It was a Sunday. Nowadays a lot of people don’t bother to go to church anytime, but especially not when they’re on holiday.  I was having a wonderful, carefree vacation myself, so much so that I was forgetting about a lot of my usual routines, routines like daily prayer.  But though I was forgetting  about my  regular prayers I did feel we should all go to Mass on Sunday because good Catholics take Sunday Mass quite seriously.

images (3) bermuda church

We found a cute little church and settled in to pray.  The Mass progressed as usual and after the gospel was read the priest said he had a letter to read to us.  I figured it was one of those letters from the bishop asking for contributions to one cause or another, but no!

This letter came from My Special Friend.  Looking back, it now seems only right that since I’m a Lady of Letters This Friend should contact me in this way, by writing me a letter.  You see,  My friend was disappointed in me, disappointed that in all the fun of my vacation I was forgetting all about Him. Don’t a lot of us forget all about Him when we’re having a great time or when we’re busy?  We often only reach out to Him in times of need, but He wants our love all the time.

Well, His letter really hit the spot that day and made a big impression on me.  Maybe He sent this letter to me knowing I would be one who would share it with you too.  Why would I want to share it?  You know. Sharing doubles the joy!  So here’s what he wrote:

“Dear friend,

01_Sunsets sunset

How are you?  I just had to send a note to tell you how much I love you and care about you.  I saw you yesterday as you were talking with your family.  I waited all day hoping you would want to talk to me also.  evening drew near I gave you a sunset to close your day and a cool breeze to rest you and I waited. You never came.

images (3)moonlight

O, yes, it hurt me, but I still love you because I am your friend.  I watched you fall asleep last night and I longed to touch your brow as I spilled moonlight on your pillow and face.  Again, I waited, wanting to rush down so we could talk.  I have many gifts for you!

images (3)rain

You awakened late and rushed off.  My tears were in the rain.  Oh!  If you would only listen to me.  I love you.

images (3)blue sky and green grass

I try to tell you in the blue sky and quiet green grass.

images (3) leaves

I whisper it in the leaves on the trees

images (3)folwers

and breathe it in the color of the flowers.

images (3)mountains and streams

I shout it to you in the mountain streams

images (3)birds singing

and give the birds love songs to sing.

images (3) sun

 I clothe you with warm sunshine and perfume the air with nature scents.


My love for you is deeper than the ocean, and bigger than the biggest want or need in your heart.

Oh!  if you only knew how much I want to help you.  I want you to meet my father.  He wants to help you, too.  My father is that way you know.  Just call me – ask me – talk with me!  Oh, please, don’t forget me.  I have so much to share with you.  Okay, I won’t hassle you any further, you are free to choose me.  It is your decision, but I have chosen you, and because of this, I will wait – because I love you.


(signed) Your Friend

So there you have it.  Some of my letters are truly surprisingly spiritual. If you are a letter writer and a spiritual person you probably have your own spiritual letter stories to tell.  I hope so, and I hope you share your stories with others because this is the stuff that dreams are made of and not just dreams.  This is the stuff that makes living on earth a heavenly experience.

2 thoughts on “Some Letters are quite a surprise – quite a Spiritual Surprise

  1. Well, hello Carol. I have been thinking of you and here you are! This blog was very inspiring especially how you can see the beauty in so many things. As I drive or take a walk and see the beautiful fall leaves, a creek with ripples flowing ,and a deer in it or wild flowers in the wilderness, I always thank God and say, “how did you know how to create this”? You are right. There is beauty all around us and sometimes we are so absorbed by the hustle and bustle of daily life we pass these beautiful signs given to us by God. Nowadays with all the technical tools people are looking down and not up and seeing the beauty around us. Just hurry, hurry, hurry, then go to the next thing. We all need time for reflection. I understand how you felt about the music. Sometimes I just sit quietly on my patio in the early am with my coffee and LISTEN. I listen to the sounds of nature such as the birds churping, the woodpecker pecking away on the tree ,and even the wind slightly blowing. I would play a game with my grandchildren when they were little. I would hold them and sit outside in the dark and ask them to Listen then tell them to tell me what they hear. Airplanes, cars, wind, and sometimes even rain. I guess that’s why people sometimes even go on a retreat or vacation to get away and appreciate but sometimes we can just sit in our own backyards and LISTEN and be close to God!.
    Thanks for all your inspiring words.

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