Country Inn Spa Day


For humans to operate most efficiently I believe we must give equal time and attention to all four of our human aspects – the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual.  As you might guess, Spa Day focuses on the physical .  My Spa day begins with a fragrant bath here at the Inn.


Since ancient times, bathing has been seen as a ritual that is synonymous with purifying, cleansing and calming.  Bathing is liquid tranquility.  It washes away the stress of every day life.  This treatment is available for most of us, morning or evening, each and every day, but on Country Inn Spa Day I treat myself to this pampering and much much more.  Why not?  I’m worth it and so are you.

On some Spa Days I stay at the Inn and partake in all sorts of luscious treatments without even leaving the premises, but on other Spa Days, like today,  it’s fun to go off to another establishment for that pampering.


Today I journey to the town of Aurora and enter into its world of stone walls and water falls, the world of Mario’s International.


This Spa is housed in a historic structure.  Though there have been many renovations  over the last 25 years the building still oozes its original warmth and charm.  It’s just the place for me because I love historic architecture.


I step up to the door with great anticipation of the lovely experiences to come, and then opening the door, I step inside.


I enter the reception room and am greeted by staff.  I check in.


I am then guided to this waiting room where I receive a robe, slippers,  and a locker for my clothes.  I change into my spa attire and  wait until my appointment time arrives.


When the magic time does arrive I am escorted through a hall lit in a magical way, and down, down, down the stairs I go until I reach another waiting room in the Grotto area.


The lights are very low in an effort to calm and relax those of us awaiting time in either the Finnish Sauna, the Steam Room or  the All Stone Whirlpool Bath.  Here we must decide which of these three chambers call out to us.  Decisions.  Decisions.


The Steam Room


The Finnish Sauna


I choose the Stone Whirlpool Bath.  This bath is truly a muscle relaxant for the warm whirling water relaxes tight muscles, rejuvenates sore joints and stimulates the release of endorphins, and you can never have too many endorphins, those wonderful endogenous opioid peptides that function as inhibitory neurotransmitters making us feel happier.


After ten delicious minutes in the whirlpool bath I step out, dry off, and sit before the fire in this chamber.  Am I feeling relaxed?  You bet, but now it’s time for what I’ve been waiting for – an upper body massage.


Mark is ready for me and I am so ready for a massage. Do you know there is tremendous healing power in our hands.  Whether we’re visiting a massage therapist, enjoying a massage by the hands of a loved one, or treating ourselves to a self-massage, the touching is very beneficial.

Massage releases a flood of natural feel-good chemicals into the bloodstream.  It can reduce stress, increase levels of those lovely endorphins, ease pain, lift depression and lower blood pressure.  It just feels GOOD!  

But all good things do come to an end and after 30 minutes of luxury I had to move on, but moving on to the lounge was actually fun.


My time in the lounge was fun because there I met two ladies and over a glass of wine we chatted. Girl talk is also very therapeutic, but it wasn’t long before I was once again  on the move.


Now I’m in the Hair Salon and today it seems to be all mine. If you’ve ever had anyone work on your hair you know how good it can feel.  My scalp is in for a massage of its own and my hair will be cut and cared for by an expert…


and here she is now.  It’s Lynn.  Lynn has been working here at the Spa for years and years even though she looks so very young.  As she attends to my hair, Lynn gives me additional tips  concerning products and items that would be good for me.  Did you know Vitamin D is excellent for hair?  I must up my intake of this vitamin.  Maybe you should too.

But Lynn  and I also have a lot of laughs and laughing is another very wonderful therapy.  Did you know that children laugh on average four hundred times a day, adults only fifteen times?  Research shows that laughter really is good medicine.  It releases those wonderful endorphins improving mood.  It also stops stress hormones and gives our immunity a powerful boost. So time spent with Lynn isn’t only good for my hair.  She’s also good for my immune system because she’s such a nice and fun lady!

What to do next?  Well, I planned ahead and arranged to meet a friend here in the Spa Dining room.  After all, food is a very physical thing and Spa Day is all about the physical.


The kitchen is right next door and the chef is standing ready. Healthy Spa thinking tells us to be intuitive eaters.  We should eat delicious, high-quality food, but slowly, in moderation, and with great pleasure.  Diet eating only creates stress because we feel we’re depriving ourselves, and we are!  Stress of any kind means more of the stress hormone cortisol circulating through our blood.  Who needs that?


I’ve invited my friend Joni to join me for a nice meal here at Mario’s on this Spa Day.  We all know friendship is yet another great therapy for happiness.  Joni is always smiling.  She’s  sweet and caring, and it’s having friends like Joni that makes life a happy experience.


So over a glass of wine with my dear friend, and a delicious meal on the way, this Country Inn Spa Day comes to a close.  We are physical beings and taking care of our physical selves is important. A little pampering every now and then leaves us ready to go out into the world and do great things.

If we’re to love our neighbor as ourselves we best be good to ourselves for only then will we be in good enough shape to be very good to our neighbor.

images (3) the holy spirit in us

Spa Day is a treat for sure, but we’re worth it, aren’t we?  And if you’re a spiritual person like I am, you’ve probably been told our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  I don’t know about you, but I think The Holy Spirit would like to live in a cared for temple, not one that is run down and decrepit.

So have yourself a Spa Day.  They’re great!  Enjoy one at your very own Inn ( your home spa) or spring for a day out at a local or out-of-town Spa.  You are worth it!  YES YOU ARE!  But once you feel great, reach out, and do good for others.  Then you’ll feel deserving of future lovely Spa Days,  because then you will truly be deserving of them.

Blessings to you

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