Country Inn “Family”Day

That’s my mom, Lottie, the little girl with the bow in her hair who is standing between her mother and father along with her 8 brothers and sisters.

“The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have past at home in the bosom of my family”…  Thomas Jefferson

Some Country Inn Days are meant for relaxing,  taking time out to lounge and enjoy simple pleasures. Some Country Inn Days are much more active.  They take me out and about offering adventure and enrichment.  And then there are still other Country Inn Days that put me to work. On these days I assume the roles of Innkeeper,  Inn chef  and Inn maid inviting friends and relatives over to join me at the Inn where I try my best to entertain them.

My spiritual lessons keep advising me to do things for others and what are my favorite things to do?  I love hosting afternoon teas, intimate dinner parties and casual get-togethers.  I have learned when I give good things come back to me so it is my pleasure to give of myself often by entertaining others.  My husband and I have worked hard to create a pleasant place in which to live but we have discovered sharing this place doubles our joy.  This place is not for us alone.

I was blessed with a big close family.  My Mom was one of 8 and my Dad was one of 10.   I have more cousins than I can count.  Growing up my aunts and uncles were forever popping in for a cup of coffee, a sandwich ,or the out-of -towners would come for a weekend stay.  I loved this company and so did my parents. They always seemed extra happy when their sisters and brothers came to call.  Now, all these years later, my parents are gone as are all my aunts and uncles – all 32 of them, but I have first cousins and second cousins and third cousins and first cousins once removed and first cousins twice removed etcaetera etcaeterorum.


I’m happy to say I still have a great family and any time of year is a great time to invite them over to the Inn, but especially when the roses are in bloom


and the day lilies grace us with their presence. Of course I can’t host my whole huge family at any one time.  It’s a lot easier for me to invite my relatives over in small groups, so now and then I send out the call to see who’s in town and available for a visit.

On this particular Country Inn “Family” Day these are the folks who came to call.

Relatives from 18 to 80 years of age filled the Inn with smiles,  fun, and conversation. There’s something special about young and old coming together, sharing and caring for each other even though we’re all leading distinctly different lives.  Cultivating love, interest and understanding in family life encourages  love, interest and understanding in relationships outside our immediate circle.  And besides that, it’s just fun to get together.


And that’s why some of my regular Country Inn Days are declared  Country Inn “Family” Days where I have fun playing the part of Inn Chef as I prepare a little food for my guests and Innkeeper as I welcome everyone to the Inn attending to them.   After that I just let the love between us take over.

It’s all great fun.  Creating the event is artplay, like creating a painting or a piece of music. Socializing with loved ones warms the heart as nothing else can…


and when the event is over I don’t even mind playing the part of Inn Maid as I clean up for I’m filled with a contented feeling knowing I did my part to keep the family together and close.  I’m also left with memories and pictures too that will last my whole lifetime and beyond.

That’s my dad, Joe, standing in a dark suit along with his parents and his nine brothers and sisters.
I think my parents would be happy that the love they had for family is being kept alive by those of us who have come after them.  It’s my hope that one day we’ll all be together again, but till that day, as the old song declares, we must love the ones we’re with, and that’s exactly what I do on Country Inn “Family” Days.

5 thoughts on “Country Inn “Family”Day

  1. Carol Ann what a lovely family you have! I love the picture of you and your son Rory. How sweet. I am sure that your family was very thankful for that special day. Such love.

  2. Christina, Nice to hear from you on this site and by way of handwritten letter. I’ll be in Manhattan very soon so I’ll be sending you my contact info so that hopefully we can meet for lunch or tea..

  3. That sounds lovely oh and you should be receiving my letter today or tomorrow. I wonder how long it takes to receive letters from New York to Ohio.

  4. I so enjoyed our long chat yesterday. Your “joy” certainly outshines your problems. You made my day happier, more joyful and thankful I know you. I told Adrianne about you, as you are cousins, and she most definitely wants to meet you when she comes to town. You will delight in her and especially her latest trip to Poland. Also talked to her mom , Marilyn and she too wants to renew family and “old” times. She and Myron have just moved from New Jersey to N.Burlington VT. Next door to their oldest daughter, Monica. They too, have interesting stories to tell. You will enjoy them. Hopefully soon. Looking forward to “tea” with you! Love and Joy. Celeste

  5. Talking to you made my day more joyful too. We can start our very own mutual admiration society. I can’t wait for my art lesson with you and it will be great to connect with Adrian and see Marilyn again. There’s so much to look forward to – not to mention tea!

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