New Wildflower correspondence cards and stationery


I love writing letters but part of the fun for me is creating my stationery.  I come up with all sorts of designs for my letter papers. Some of my designs are quite simple while others are a bit more involved. Whatever kind of art,  the activity is always fun.  It’s a sort of therapy, relaxing, and I can get lost in the creative process.  While concentrating on colors and lines all other concerns temporarily melt away. Hopefully the end result is pleasing but whatever the end result the process is always most pleasing to me.  My letter friends often receive my floral letters.

This is because I love flowers, don’t you? I love growing flowers in my garden.  I love placing flowers in vases on my dining tables and night stand and I love drawing flowers to decorate my letter papers.  I’d love to send fresh flowers to my friends regularly as a way to brighten their days and sometimes I do, but more often I simply send off cards and letters with my floral designs.  I created a line of wildflower correspondence cards in past days and recently I’ve added new designs to that collection.

And because I enjoy writing letters on large sheets of paper as well as on cards I decided to create some wildflower stationery on paper measuring 11 by 8 and a half inches.  Here are three sample designs.

Dense Blazing star
Horn poppy
Whorled Pagonia

The educator in me likes to write a little information about each flower presented, either on the back of the correspondence card or around the edges of the stationery.  For example, did you know the strange long sepals of the Whorled Pagonia are reddish purple and the petals are greenish yellow, except for the lip.  This is a wild orchid usually found in the woods.  There are a number of wild orchids in existence.

So you see besides the enjoyment of writing letters to friends and family the art of letter writing gives me  the opportunity to look closely at a flower and enjoy the artful activity of drawing that flower. It also encourages me to learn about the flowers I draw.  As if that’s not enough, then, by sending my floral stationery to others I’m sharing my joy, and as you know, sharing doubles the joy.  It really does.

With all this going on in my life a walk in the park becomes a special delight for when I spot a wildflower I not only take notice, but I feel like I’ve run into an old friend. I’ve heard you can’t really love what you don’t know so studying flowers, drawing them, and learning about them helps me love flowers even more.

It’s all such fun.

I draw flowers and create all this stationery for my own pleasure but the stationery is available for sale because once again, Sharing truly Doubles the Joy. If interested . . .

Stationery -10 assorted floral designs with an extra blank sheet of paper for each design plus 10 envelopes cost  $20.00 plus $2 for shipping and packaging.

Packages of 10 assorted wildflower correspondence cards – each card containing extra blank pages for long juicy letters and 20 envelopes cost $20.00 plus $2 for shipping and packaging.

To order send check to

But whether you order my papers or not I encourage you to write letters and try creating your own stationery. Letter writing and art play are two very wonderful activities.  You just might enjoy both as much as I do.

Be happy and live abundantly


8 thoughts on “New Wildflower correspondence cards and stationery

  1. Carol Ann, you already know that I marvel at the beautiful and intricate artwork that you often add to Page #1 of your letters to me. I am usually a little mentally “spent” by the time I finish writing my letters to you to even think about doing anything else to my letters.

    Keep up your great work!

  2. Hello Mo, Greg and Gwen, So nice to see comments from all of you. Mo and Gwen, I know you both love art for you both are very creative – Mo with your portrait painting and Gwen with the lovely cards you make. And as for you Greg, your letters are articulate and lovely to behold even if you don’t dabble in art, but you could always try just for fun. Create the art before you write your letter for at that point you won’t yet be mentally spent as you say. Just a thought. Greeting to all three of you.

  3. Carol Ann, I love your delicate flower drawings! I take lots of photos of flowers, trees, bugs, animals when I walk, then print some out to make cards to send to friends. You have inspired me to pick up my colored pencils and try sketching from my favorite photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Carol Ann … you are truly a lady of many talents! I can’t even draw a good stick person, but I do enjoy making notecards from my nature photography. Your letters are always a joy for your artwork, beautiful penmanship and interesting content. They are one of my happiest finds whenever one is among my mail. By the way, a letter from me began its journey to you yesterday. xo

  5. Carolyn and Almita, you both are two of the lovliest, kindest and most interesting ladies I know. I’m sure you would love each other if you met and I can make that happen through the art of letter writing. Just let me know if you have room in your life for another fantastic letter friend. You both love nature, God’s amazing creatures, and art. I’m so glad you’re both in my life and reading my blog. Thanks.

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