Country Inn Spa Day

A Country Inn Day is a day to escape from regular routines. It’s a day to focus on favorite things, to do those pleasant activities you never have time to do. It’s a day to rest if you’re tired, a day for adventure if you’re bored. It’s a day to use all those pretty things you save for special days. Well, a Country Inn Day is always a special day and it could be a good day for some pampering.

On this Country Inn Spa Day I chose to pamper myself. I hope you pamper yourself sometimes too. A little tender care never hurts. I decided to sleep in, even if it was just an extra hour of sleep, and I decided to have breakfast in bed. Doesn’t that sound decadent? Years ago I purchased a very pretty breakfast tray but I haven’t been using it nearly enough. It never seemed to be the right time. Well, I now decided any Country Inn Day is the right time for breakfast in bed, especially a Country Inn Spa Day.

Yummy French Toast

I like all things French so naturally this Breakfast in bed needed French toast. I dusted off my Laura Ashley English china (I like a lot of English things too) and got all comfy with coffee, magazines, and my breakfast. I had heard the American author Edith Wharton spent every morning in bed till noon. She’d handwrite pages of her books, drop the pages on the floor for her servants to collect and type, but I wonder if she had a nice breakfast tray and french toast to enjoy while she was writing. I hope so.

After a leisurely breakfast I decided a nice fragrant bath with Chanel No. 5 bath bubbles would be just the thing. Of course I enjoy baths all the time, they’re not an unusual treat, but they’re a Country Inn Day treat just the same, and perfect for a Spa day.

CarolAnn’s bathroom

I feel very fortunate to live in a historic house, my Jeremiah Brown house built in 1853. I’m sure Jeremiah didn’t have a bathroom quite like mine, but with a lot of effort I created a bathroom fit for any Country Inn. I put Laura Ashley wallpaper on the wall, (I told you I like English things as well as French things), found an antique chandelier, bought a snazzy big tub and now any bathtime is a special time, but on a Country Inn Day when there’s no rush, only favorite things to look forward to, well, bathtime is even better.

the bath is filling up

I begin to fill the tub with Chanel No. 5 bath potion and the scent comes forth. I wish you could get a whiff. Hmmmmmmm. Some people like to have a yellow rubber duckie. Not me. I need a pink one.

Some people need therapists to cope with life. Not me. I just usually need a nice bubble bath.

It’s not just the bubbles though. I think I was born too late because I just love antiques all around me. I love crystal chandeliers and antique linen on the windows.

And I do like whimsy too. Only a three year old could fit into this ballet dress, but it sure looks cute in my bathroom. It puts a smile on my face.

It was such fun creating this bathroom. We used my mother-in-laws chest of drawers to create a sink cabinet. We found a little shell sink. I bought lots of laura Ashley china to hold soap, powder and jewelry and the pictures on the wall had hung in my parents bedroom for years. These old things make me happy. Even the little plaster house was made by one of my little boys in art class.

To take time for yourself, to sit at a dressing table and reflect as you put yourself together. This is a girlie thing. It needn’t take much time, but it’s a time to enjoy being a girl.

And I truly enjoy being a girl.

Years go by and our youth fades. Just as antique furniture needs a little extra loving care so too do human beings. My Country Inn Spa Days give me extra time to rejuvenate. Lots more is involved in a Spa Day. There is exercise, manicures, facials, special treaments and then lots of other favorite things. Doing things you love are one of the best rejuvenators. There’s no Fountain of Youth despite what Ponce de Leon was saying way back when, though I did buy a bottle of potion when I was in Florida some years back. But we do need to take care of ourselves and that sometimes means a little pampering.

Why do I tell you all this?

It’s because…

12 thoughts on “Country Inn Spa Day

  1. Carol Ann,

    This was a most interesting article and is very informative about your likes and preferences and ways of thinking. You are someone who has a greater appreciation and understanding of things that might be dismissed by others. I had already known that about you, but this article shows that even more.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Gregt, I wouldn’t have thought you’d have the slightest interest in my Country Inn Spa Day, but you are a real friend and always so supportive. Thank you also for all the letters while I’ve been on my own these last few weeks. You’ve been great and I appreciate your kindness.

  3. Carol Ann,

    You and I may be quite different individuals from each other, but I still find you to be a most fascinating person. And it was my pleasure to write you during January.


  4. Good morning, Carol Ann! I am having breakfast at a hotel in Atlanta and I thoroughly enjoyed this little visit with you! As always, I feel uplifted after being in touch with you. Your descriptions and photos are so full of charm and joy! Thanks for adding these wonderful vibrations to the world. My girlfriend and I have been shopping and laughing a lot! We spent some time at the Chanel counter yesterday. I will have to go back and get the bath potion! Have a beautiful day! Love, Carolyn

  5. Dear Carol Ann,
    Thanks so much for sharing! I think a luxurious bath is one of the most calming and therapeutic things ever, especially in the winter when it’s so cold outside. And just taking the time for yourself is so important. I think it’s great that you remind us of the importance of it all. So often we are so busy and don’t take the time for ourselves.
    Much Love,

  6. Carolyn, You are one of my joys in life. I mean it! You know how to live and have fun, but you also do so much for others – like being kind to me. (smile) When you get back to Ohio we must get together. I’ll tell you about the gal I met who lives in Beaufort. So nice to find your message today. Keep having fun.

  7. Maura, we are kindred spirits for sure. What other lovely things are gracing your cold January days? I’d love to hear all about them. I’m having another tea this Friday and in a minute I’ll be leaving for my favorite coffee shop to write letters. Later Renoir, one of my “dead friends” will join me for cocktails (via a book his son wrote all about the famous artist. Isn’t life great?

  8. Hi Carol Ann,
    I was a bit under the weather the first half of January but much better now. Yesterday I went to Columbus to visit with my daughter, son in law and granddaughters. We had a great time. We went out to lunch and then made handmade cards with granddaughters Evelyn and Rosalie while my daughter and son in law had movie and dinner date. We Baked brownies and read books and played dress up. It was great fun! I am enrolled in an online college course to learn digital imaging. I have some homework to do today! I love the artist Renoir, I’m sure the book will be great. Your teas are fabulous. I am sure you are carefully planning all of the details.

    Yes, life is great!

  9. What a gorgeous bathroom! I am going to have to get me some Chanel potion – it sounds yummy! You sure know how to live girlfriend! Your posts remind me of Alexandra Stoddard. She’s another one that really enjoys life!

  10. Gwen, I’m glad you like my bathroom. I really enjoy it, just love old houses, old things, and old ways so much. I must’ve been born too late. Girlie things are favorites too. And as far as enjoying life – why not? People are silly if they don’t work hard
    at enjoying life. That’s what I think anyway. I just wrote you a letter this afternoon. Writing very nice people like you is another thing I enjoy. I’ll post it tomorrow. Now go do something fun. You deserve it.

  11. Hi Carol – I always enjoy the photos you share of your teas and your beautiful home. Wonderful blog too! My mom used to wear Chanel No. 5. Thanks for your recent letter. Ours crossed in the mail, so check your mailbox! Have a great day!

  12. Nancy, I just now noticed your comment. Sorry. It’s always so nice to hear from you and fun to know your Mom wore Chanel No.5. Back in those days I never even heard of it. With this virus floating around we need spa days and all sorts of nice at home things to perk us up since we can’t leave our homes. Stay safe.

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