A Country Inn Greenbriar Day

The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Veriginia, U.S.A.

There’s nothing like a Country Inn and a Country Inn Day. Some County Inns are small and unassuming and then there are others like the Greenbriar. I’m fond of almost any Country Inn if it’s historic. I just love the old world with its graciousness. If you’re like me you’re not going anywhere these days due to the pandemic so let me give you a virtual escape. Make yourself a nice drink and sit back taking in each of the following pictures imagining you’re at the Greenbriar having a lovely Country Inn Day.

The Greenbriar is actually much more than a Country Inn. It’s regarded as one of the finest resorts in the world and one of the most historic places in America. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1990. It’s been welcoming guests from around the world since 1778 and now with a little imagination and this post it’s welcoming you!

Buckle up your seatbelt and here we go.

Here’s the guard at the entrance. Does he look bored? Good thing we’ve arrived to perk him up a bit.

Let’s drive around just a little before we check in.

the springhouse
The golf clubhouse

I could leave my husband right here for this is where he plans to spend most of his time. Not me, let’s keep going.

Some people like to stay in these guest cottages on the grounds away from the inn. I prefer the elegance of the main building. Enough driving around. Let’s check in now.

Naturally there would be beautiful flowers in the lobby. Let’s stroll around.

Ah, this will be the perfect place to write my daily letters. I’ll write one now. After all, I’m known as The Lady of Letters. Give me a minute. There’s stationery in the drawers and I carefully set my coffee down on this lovely desk. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t write at least two letters. . . . . . .ok, one letter written, let’s keep moving.

We’ll walk through this large open space and have tea here later. This picture captures only a small part of the room.

So many beautifully decorated rooms where we can curl up with a book or sit back and people watch.

The Greenbrier is huge. I walk and walk wondering what lovely interior will be down the hall and around the corner,

Ah! Look at this absolutely beautiful window. I love, love, love the window treatment. Don’t you?

And what’s this? A ballroom. Well, of course. This inn hosts weddings and all sorts of important celebrations. Let’s take a minute and imagine we’re at a ball right now. I’ll wait till you’re ready to move on. . . . . . . . . Ready? Ok. What’s next?

Dramatic! I bet you never thought to paint your walls charcoal grey, or did you?

Of course there’s a pool and lots of different restaurants and shops.

But being fond of interior decoration I most enjoy all the colorful rooms where people can relax, and I do mean colorful.

But it’s tea time. Goodie. I love afternoon tea wherever I am and the Greenbrier loves afternoon tea too. Every day people gather, staff sets up bakeries, cups, saucers and tea is served, but only after a piano begins to play and . . .

a couple dressed beautifully comes out to dance a waltz.

“Tea is drink to forget the din of the world” Tien Yiheng

and that’s the purpose of a Country Inn Day too.

After tea it’s nice to go outside and look around.

So many nice places to sit and take in the fresh air.

Horseback riding here? Of course. I took riding lessons once upon a time, but that’s a story for another blog post.

Biking? Maybe tomorrow.

I found some chairs on the veranda with this view. Lovely, isn’t it?

Here’s the garden up close. Maybe you want to pause here for a while. That’s what I did. I brought a book with me, “Ulysses” by James Joyce. It’s supposed to be one of the most important novels of modern times, but all that stream of consciousness writing, not my favorite. I found myself taking many breaks from reading, just gazing at the garden.

But once back inside look what, or rather who we stumble upon. It’s a Greenbrier chef about to give a cooking lesson. I love to cook. You too? and here’s what he made ——

Hamburgers ala peach

What? It’s cocktail time already? Well it must be 5:00p.m. Time does fly on a Country Inn Day. I loved the Greenbrier bar room. The perfect place for a bourbon manhattan. What do you think?

A red and green room, but it doesn’t look like Christmas at all. Dorothy Draper, the famous interior designer of the 1940’s got her start decorating the Carlyle Hotel in New York and the Greenbrier, She was born in 1889, founded her interior design firm Dorothy Draper & Company in 1925, wrote three books (one on entertaining and two on decorating) and became a revered name in households all over America. She loved, loved, loved color and I love her. I have all her books. They’re still available. She’s one of my favorite “dead friends”. But now it’s time for dinner.

Hungry? Me too. I’m always hungry. Good thing I love to cook, but not when I’m at a real country inn.

Wish you could join us for dinner. Dinner is my favorite time of day. It’s the French in me. A good meal. Good wine. Good conversation and you know what’s next – up to our room we go.

Up, up, up and away. I can’t wait to see our room.

And what’s this? More wine? Well, why not. It’s a Country Inn Day.

Very nice room, don’t you think? But before bed I think a bubble bath is in order. I always enjoy a long, fragrant bubble bath on Country Inn Days. Let’s see what the bathroom is like.

It will do nicely and so after a bath it will be lights out on one very nice Country Inn Day. And before you know it . . .

It’s another day, a day for more discoveries and there is a lot more here at the Greenbrier to see and do. You’ll just have to come here yourself, but whether you do come here or visit another Country Inn or perhaps enjoy a Country Inn Day at your very own home, remember it’s imporatant to step out of your normal routines now and then. Give yourself permission to focus on your favorite things, the good and the beautiful, for though there may be dreariness all around, it’s what you focus on that counts. Make the most of what you’ve got. Live with grace and kindness and use your imagination.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your little getaway to the Greenbrier. I’ll see you next time. Till then Stay Safe!

6 thoughts on “A Country Inn Greenbriar Day

  1. Gwen, It really is an amazing place. I just touched the surface with my post. Absolutely beautiful rooms and the grounds are quite extensive. glad you could join me. Sharing doubles the joy.

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip to Greenbriar with us Carol Ann. It looks so beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful time!

  3. Maura, It truly is a magnificent place. So much history, so much beauty, so much nature. I’m glad you came along on my virtual tour, but I hope you have a chance to visit the Greenbrier for yourself some day. I don’t think it’s possible to have a bad time there.

  4. Greetings Carol Ann, I have always heard wonderful things about the beautiful Greenbrier. Beautiful decor , luscious gardens, corners to relax and converse, delicious food, delightful bedrooms after a busy day of gold, tennis, biking and walking. You shared your experience so elegantly!
    Thanks for another Country Inn delight! Celeste

  5. You’re so nice. Yes, the Greenbrier is everything they say it is – really beautiful. And thanks for your lovely handmade art work. I love it. I’ll be ending you something too. Watch for it and enjoy the season.

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