Promoting The Art of Letter Writing at Lakeside Chautauqua

Lakeside Women’s Club at Green Gables

I was delighted to be asked to speak on the subject of letter writing at Lakeside Chautauqua because I had heard it was a charming, historic gated community on the western shores of Lake Erie and I was anxious to see this place for myself. It was a double delight to have the chance to speak about one of my favorite things -The art of Letter writing while poking around this cute place.

How I love writing and receiving letters. I write at least two letters each and every day and then when the postman comes to my house more delightful letters are delivered to me. Everyone should have this fun and so I am very happy to share my love of letters with any group that invites me to speak to them. Sharing doubles my joy.

Lakeside is about an hour and a half ride from my town of Hudson. As I got close entering the peninsula where it’s located there was water, water everywhere.

At the entrance to this gated community there really is a gate where someone checks you in, for there is a charge to visit this place if you are not a resident.

The entrance gate

After a quick drive around I found my way to the place where I would be speaking. With covid it was good that the building had an open air area for my talk.

The Train Station

My audience was wearing masks and keeping a distance from each other because safety is an issue in these covid times. All went according to plan and the Lakeside people were a most wonderful audience – so attentive, some people even taking notes. Since this talk I have gotten letters from some folks who attended my talk and I’m so happy to learn they are now writing letters to old and new friends. Others have called and asked me to deliver yet another talk on letters to their writing group. I don’t expect to convert the whole world into letter writers but one by one I’m achieving my objective.

My Objective: To Inspire people to write letters

With the talk behind me I could now explore this charming community. I went first to the historic Hotel Lakeside.

This hotel was established in 1875. I sure love historic country inns and historic hotels so I was delighted to discover this charming place at the edge of the water. The Friends of Hotel Lakeside and the Lakeside Association have been working since 1974 to upgrade the facility. The most important improvements have included complete rewiring, partial new plumbing, installation of a sprinkler system, elevator access to all floors, new kitchen, restoration and air conditioning of the dining room and it goes on and on. As an owner of an 1853 house I understand how much money and attention must go into an old property. I’m so glad there are people who appreciate historic preservation.

It was the end of Summer so many people left to get kids back to school, but I can imagine this room hopping at the peak of the Summer.

If I find myself here next Summer you can bet this is where I’d be sitting with some coffee writing letters.

So many scenes of beauty here – a photographer’s delight. The architecture of this hotel reminded me of the movie “Somewhere in Time”. It was easy to imagine peoper ladies and gentlemen of past days congregating at this hotel and strolling through these doors onto the grounds.

There were so many charming houses in this town with so many beautiful flowers and picket fences and inviting porches in which to take in the lake breezes. What a delightful neighborhood in which to spend Summer days.

There were shops in town too where all those basic items needed could be found – and a few places to order a dinner out.

The town was bursting with flowers. Everyone here seems to be a gardener.

But of course what was most wonderful was to have the lake right there. A Great Lake is nothing to sneeze at. To enjoy restful Summer days so near this body of water must be wonderful for the residents of Lakeside.

It was my love of letters that gave me the opportunity to visit this charming community and I hope to return again and again – maybe spending a week or two here next Summer.

I’m always saying one thing leads to another. My love of letter writing was responsible for a wonderful day speaking about a thing I love, meeting new people, and discovering yet another corner of our wonderful world.

Thanks for joining me on this trip to historic Lakeside Chautauqua. Sharing doubled my joy.

7 thoughts on “Promoting The Art of Letter Writing at Lakeside Chautauqua

  1. What a beautiful place! How nice that some of the people have written to you. I think that proves your talk was very successful!

  2. Gwen, Yes, I really liked Lakeside and as far as my success, well, some groups respond better than others. This group was full of thoughtful people and from their comments I’m sure many will now be writing letters. (big smile)

  3. Carol Ann,

    I’m glad to hear that you had an enjoyable time “Promoting The Art of Letter Writing at Lakeside Chautauqua” in which you met some wonderful people and it sounds like a few of them will take up—-and learn the enjoyment of—-letter-writing. I am sure that everyone there was charmed to meet you. I know that you thoroughly enjoy telling others of the many benefits of letter-writing.

    You’re definitely a natural at it.


  4. Greg, Always nice to hear from you. It truly was fun sharing the joys of letter writing and now I ‘ve met more people to invite to tea. Three from the writing group will be at my tea next week. More sharing. More fun. Sharing is my thing. Giving compliments is your thing.

  5. I love Lakeside and miss our “painting weekends” with Fred Graff and a fun group of artists. I joined the group about 7 weekends in September, painting, laughing, sharing, and delicious meals prepared by out own chef. From Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon many wonderful paintings were created, fun shenanigans, lots of laughter, making memories to last a lifetime! Lakeside was the perfect location by the lake, fall flowers, gardens and quaint cottages all beautiful memories.

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