Reach out and touch someone – Write them a letter

Anytime at all is a good time to reach out in kindness, but a pandemic is an especially good time to write a caring letter to a friend or relative. Sure, you could telephone. That’s always a nice thing to do, but what a treat it would be for your friend or relative to find a beautiful handwritten letter in their mailbox, a letter just to them. This letter could be chatty and filled with happy thoughts. It could contain lovely memories to warm your friend’s heart or it could be oozing with compliments to brighten your friend’s spirits.

Remember the time you were having a terrible day and someone gave you a compliment? It changed your outlook. We glow when we receive appreciation from others, but we also glow when we’re making a positive difference in another person’s life. Research has shown that those of us who think of others and do something nice for them handle stress better ourselves and feel happier too. I challenge you to write a short loving note or a long delicious letter to someone each day for a week (or longer). I bet you’ll be glad you did even before the appreciative feedback starts rolling in. There’s an old but true saying – when you give good things come back to you.

You could create your own stationery. Draw a flower. Draw anything. If it’s a beautiful drawing it will make your friend smile, but even if it’s a terrible drawing it might still make your friend smile and maybe smile even more. Art play is fun. Creating the stationery for your letter could be art therapy to lift your own spirits. The pandemic may be getting you down and the political situation probably isn’t helping you feel much better either. Getting lost in art activity can take you away to a fun and creative place.

The post office has been suffering lately because many businesses aren’t open sending Their usual flyers, promotions and all that”junk mail” you love so much. Help the post office out by writing lots of letters. My post person assures me The Unites States Postal Service benefits when we the people send out cards and letters. It’s not only businesses that can keep the Post Office healthy. We should do our part, especially now.

You might also like to check out the blog I hope you can find the post titled “Our post office is being hijacked.” If you like getting mail – any mail, but especially heartfelt handwritten letters, this post is something you should read.

You could have some fun with the letters you write. Create what I call the Puzzle Letter. Here’s what you do. Write a letter and then cut it up putting the pieces in an envelope with a card explaining the recipient must put the pieces together in order to read the letter. This could be special fun if colored inks are used and a drawing or two exists in the letter. Many of my friends have been telling me they are enjoying puzzles these days so why not double the puzzle fun – a puzzle and a letter in one?

And here’s another fun puzzle idea which came to me from a dear pen friend in Boston. Get hold of a puzzle that has missing parts. The puzzle is not good for much since so many pieces are long gone SO put a small section of the puzzle together and glue it on the front of a sturdy card and then write a letter to a friend in that card – puzzle fun for you and an artful-looking card for your friend in which you can tell them all about this fun idea and all the other fun ideas you’ve had lately.

Remember to insert extra sheets of blank pages when writing a letter using a card of any kind. You can’t fit many words into a card and why would you get your friend all excited finding an envelope handwritten just to them but with only a very short message in that card? You probably have more time these days since the pandemic has you home and your friend probably has more time too, so write a nice long letter for both your sakes.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Maybe you won’t be sharing a meal with others this year, but even if you are, it would still be a great time to write some Thanksgiving letters to people you love. You’re thankful you have these people in your life, right? Well, write some nice letters telling them so.

Maybe you write letters all the time. I hope you do! Fun, isn’t it? But if letter writing hasn’t been something you’ve ever tried I urge you to try writing some letters now. New letter writers I’ve talked to say they are amazed how their friends and family members love, love, love their letters. I’m sure your friends and family would love your letters too. So I say

Try It You’ll Like It

And when you do begin writing letters and getting great letters back along with all sorts of lovey dovey feedback from your friends and relatives write Me a letter and tell me all about it. Sharing doubles the joy you know.

Here’s my address

Carol Ann, Lady of Letters

P.O. Box 1075 Hudson, Ohio 44236, U.S.A.

2 thoughts on “Reach out and touch someone – Write them a letter

  1. Love this post and all the fun art work! I certainly agree, there is nothing like a hand written letter to touch your heart.

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