A Country Inn Gardener’s Day

As you may know I enjoy one Country Inn Day each and every week. These are days I escape from life’s usual demands and do only the things I love. Because I love Country Inns I like to imagine my 1853 Jeremiah Brown House is a Country Inn on these Country Inn days and I take on many roles. I’m Inn Cook, Innkeeper, Inn Gardener, Inn Maid, but of course, most of the time I’m Inn Guest. And there are many kinds of Country Inn Days too – Culture day, Spa day, Nature Day, Tea Party Day, Adventure Day, so many more, but today is a Gardener’s Day. For a large part of today I will function as the Inn’s Gardener.

After some morning coffee and a delicious brioche bun I write a letter. This I do on every day, Inn day or ordinary day because I am a Lady of Letters. I then put on my garden attire ready to work, but before going out, the Inn Cook (me again) has prepared a nice eggs benedict for my morning pleasure. How nice. But now I really am ready to work, but wait! What’s this? RAIN? Oh my, what’s a gardener to do when on Country Inn Gardener’s Day it starts to rain and the rain keeps coming? Answer. The gardener goes shopping. I had noticed there were a few bare spots in the border garden and the circle garden could use a few more roses too, so on this rainy Gardener’s Day I will purchase all the things, or at least more of the things, my garden desires.

Sometime later in the day

What fun I had shopping. Girls just want to have fun you know, especially on a Country Inn Day, so strolling around hundreds of beautuful plants was the perfect thing to make me feel deleriously happy. I would have gone crazy buying lots more than I bought, but I am limited by what my small BMW can hold. Darn. But actually, it is amazing how much I can squeeze into that vehicle.

The Shrub Arbusto

I got a Shrub Arbusto. It’s name is Summer Wine and it’s a Ninebark. It will have pretty pink flowers.

The Pygmy Barberry

Then I chose a few Pygmy Barberry to add a little more accent color to the garden . They’re a pretty crimson. I have quite a few of these plants around the property and no animals bother them because of their prickly leaves.

Here you see some Barberry at the sunroom entrance

I know hosta are a favorite food for the bunnies and deer that live near me and visit my garden all too often, but there was a sale on the Minuteman variety. This variety has very pretty dark green leaves with pure white edges. I couldn’t resist them. My deer and rabbit repellent seems to be working on the hydrangeas so hopefully it will protect these hostas too.

The Minuteman Hosta

Next I found some shrub roses in the prettiest, soft pink.

They’re called easy elegance and they’re disease resistant. I do have luck with roses and I absolutely love these.

Roses from Grace Rose Farm

By the way, if you ever want to send some gorgeous , fragrant roses to a friend I suggest you google Grace Rose Farm in California. This farm is amazing and you will love the choices they have in color and style of bouquet.

But back to my shopping trip… I also bought a few more deep pink double knock out roses for my circle.

The Circle

I have light pink shrub roses and boxwood at the edges of the circle, but inside the circle are herbs, knock out roses and tree hydrangeas. The circle is one of my garden’s success stories. When I moved to this property the circle contained an old, diseased apple tree and a mess of weeds with a few perennials mixed in. It took quite a while, but the circle became quite a lovely thing if I do say so myself.

Almost done shopping . . . I really wasn’t looking for a climbing rose, I have a red one by my entrance door,

The climbing red rose near the entrance door

but when I saw this Arborose Quicksilver I couldn’t resist it. Its flowers look like cabbage roses, and the cabbage rose is one of my favorite rose varieties.

The absolutely beautiful purple climbing rose

They call it purple, but it’s really a pinkish purple. It will look fine by the entrance to the sun room, sitting across from some pink Japanese Anemone.

The Laguna and Aromance along with geraniums in the flower box

That’s almost it except for a few more pots of blue Laguna and pink Aromance. These little gems join my pink and white geraniums in the outdoor flower boxes.

The Fringe Tree

It was a wet and messy shopping trip but I battled the raindrops, packed all my pretty though drippy new plants into the car and off we went. I hope my new beauties will like their new home in my garden. I am so happy to have them. My flowers and bushes are all my friends. (Spoken as any true gardener) I talk to my plants and they bring me so much joy. Don’t you talk to your plants too? Plants are great. Nature is great. It soothes the savage beast in us. My time as Inn Gardener has been very productive. Of course this is only the beginning. Another day the actual planting will begin and so it goes merrily on and on and on and on.

The table is set

There’s a nice dinner later and then some spa time – a bubble bath with champagne and candlelight. Country Inn Days are full of all the things I love. Work and worry can be put off till tomorrow as Scarlet O’Hara would say. Actually, why worry ever?

We create our life experience. Sure, there are things we have to do, but I think it’s also important to create pure days of delight. Country Inn Days are such days and though I’d love to tell you more about them I’ll do that in the book I’m writing.

Afternoon tea

Now I have a date with Barbara Pym, an author, and her most delightful book, Jane and Prudence. Barbara will wisk me off to a quiet English country village and that’s where I’ll be having my afternoon tea with her delightful characters in their charming gardens. Ah books! Ah, to have an imagination!

So till we meet again. I do hope you live richly with all your favorite things and with much imagaination too. Imagination is a terrible thing to waste. If you haven’t been using yours start now. Let me know what you come up with.

Love to you from me, Carol Ann

19 thoughts on “A Country Inn Gardener’s Day

  1. Your flowers look beautiful! I put out a few plants today but will finish up tomorrow. It started raining and it is so cold and rainy out!

  2. Hello Carol Ann,
    I am delighted by all of your new and existing flowers and plants. Your gardens are so beautiful. I am not adding much to my gardens this year just trying to maintain what I have. I was gifted a few ostrich ferns which I put in pots at the front of my house, they are still alive! 😀I hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring. Miss you,

  3. Gwen, So nice to hear from you. Yes, didn’t it get cold lately? I was drenched yesterday carrying plants back and forth in that cold rain. What we do for love. What plants did you add to your garden? We will both have to write long letters to each other and elaborate on everything.
    Love to you, Carol Ann

  4. Maura, Lovely to hear from you. It’s been too long. With covid restrictions lifting maybe we can see each other one of these days. I’d love to see your ostrich ferns too. I bought one, but that was a different shopping trip. They are supposed to get very big – wide and tall. I wonder how fast they grow. I’ll say hi to the other girls for you. Keep in touch.
    Love, Carol Ann

  5. I wish I lived near you so I could see your lovely garden. I was in my own garden yesterday totally enjoying my plants on a beautiful Memorial Day. Today is cold and miserable and I was just about to write a letter to you!!! I have a WordPress account too, if you would like to check it out.

  6. Hi there carol 1945, Nice to get your note. How fun you’re going to write a letter to me. Are we already correspondents? Well, I too wish you could come to my garden. I’d love to show you around and we could have a nice chat and a drink together. Do write me that letter and in it tell me your blog address.

  7. Hi Carol Ann,
    So far my ferns seem to be doing well in the pots in front of my house. All the rain we’ve had lately seems to help. I also planted some flower seeds on my patio, it will be fun to see what grows. I do miss you and the other tea party ladies, you are the best. Would love to get together sometime too. Lots of catching up to do. Till then,

  8. Maura,
    What are you doing on June 10th? I don’t suppose you could slip out to lunch with the three of us? Maybe we could have lunch near where you work.

  9. Hi Carol Ann,
    I hope you are enjoying the sunshine this weekend! Thank you so much for the invite. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it for lunch on June 10, however would love to get together with you Joni and Lori sometime over this spring/summer.
    Till Then, much Love

  10. Carolann, would you try going to WordPress and then search sillysnailblog and let me know if you can see it. I am so confused by WordPress I thought maybe I do not have it set right, but I looked in settings and it says everyone can see it. Thanks Carol


  11. Well, WordPress is absolutely one of the most difficult websites I have ever encountered. If I figure it out I will let you know. I am one of your pen pals. My name is Carol Anne

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