Not singing, just writing in the rain

Hattie’s Coffee Shop

It’s a rainy day in Hudson, but for January I’m not complaining.  Usually at this time of year we have a few feet of snow.  Crazy weather these days!  I decided to take my work out on a date.  I love to work at coffee shops and I’m happy to say Hudson has quite a  few.  Hattie’s is located right in the center of town on Main Street.  You can see our lovely  clocktower out the window.  It’s a Hudson landmark.  The clocktower sits at the edge of the village green.  Another time I’ll take you for a walk around the green, but on a dry day.  In good weather I like to get a coffee and plop myself on a park bench there watching the world go by.  We have a farmer’s market  here in Summer and Autumn and   there are also weekly concerts on the green in Summer as well as an old fashioned ice cream social every June.  I love small town life, especially if the town is old and charming,  and Hudson is that!  Living here helps me imagine I’m still back in Boston for Hudson has that New England charm or maybe I should say New England has our Hudson charm.

I told you how my life is filled with coincidences.  Well, one of the places I lived in Boston was an area called Cleveland Circle (and in case you didn’t know, Hudson is near the city of Cleveland, Ohio)  and the next town over from Hudson, a town I go through frequently, is called Boston Heights.  That’s not all.  I lived in another Boston town called Waltham and do you know some of Hudson’s clocktower parts were made in Waltham.  There’s more!  The little town of Waterloo, New York where my husband was raised had a clock factory, and you guessed it — more of the clocktower  was made there. Did you ever feel you were exactly where you were supposed to be?  Well, with all these coincidences I’m pretty sure I’m where I’m supposed to be.

But let me tell you about the work I’m doing here at Hattie’s.  I’ve written a book on the beautiful art of letter writing and I’m putting a few finishing touches on it.   This book is a series of handwritten letters to the reader in which I share my experiences  and  enthusiasm for  this lovely art form.  Today people seem to think the art of letter writing is DEAD!  Can you imagine anything so ridiculous?

 In the past 20 years I’ve written more than 8000 letters and I continue to write at least one more letter every day.  Obviously I’m not writing to myself.  All the  letters I write are in answer to other letters sent to me  by enthusiastic pen friends who share my passion for writing .  So you see the art of  letter writing is not dead.   Modern people do exist who realize old and new forms of communication can and should co-exist. I hope you’re one of them.  Unfortunately  many people need to be awakened to the pleasure letter writing offers, the pleasure they’re missing, and that’s the purpose of my book.

It is because I love to share joy that I’ve taken it upon myself to be an advocate for the beautiful art of letter writing.  Hopefully my book will help with this mission.  One of these days  you might be able to buy my book right here on my website, that’s if I stop writing here and get back to work putting a few finishing touches on the manuscript.  So back to work for me.  Catch you next time and maybe at that time I’ll show you some of the art for my book of letters.


That’s a Big One

In my last post I mentioned feeling the presence of my parents even though they both moved off  to heaven years ago.  My Dad especially makes his presence known to me quite often.  It happens whenever I hear or say four simple little words, the words are  THAT’S A BIG ONE,  and these words pop up more often than you might think.

The words in themselves mean little to nothing, but there’s a reason why  they make me feel my dad is standing beside me, sharing in whatever I’m  experiencing  —   preparing  for a party,  taking  a walk in the park,  doing most anything.

The reason  is that when dad was in the nursing home suffering from alzheimer’s disease he stopped speaking  except for saying   THAT’S A BIG ONE.  He said those words all the time.  No one could understand why.  The words in themselves didn’t often make any sense in regard to what was happening.  Sure, sometimes I’d give dad a hug and he’s say “THAT’S A BIG ONE”.  That would make sense.  But other times a person would walk into the room, or the tv would be turned on, and his response was always the same,  THAT’S A BIG ONE.

We  just couldn’t figure it out, so we stopped trying , but now when I’m taking a huge block of cheese out of the fridge for a party and I say “THAT’S A BIG ONE” or when I’m taking a walk and I see a huge mushroom in the lawn and I think to myself   “THAT’S  A BIG ONE”, well, who do you suppose I think of?  You guessed it.  I think of my wonderful dad.  I have the distinct feeling he is standing beside me once more  joining into my fun.  You wouldn’t think heaven could get boring so that spirits would want to leave  for a while to visit family, but who knows?

What I do know is that with love all things are possible.  Love transcends time and space and miracles do happen. Those four little words are just one of the many miracles that grace my life.  I have lots more and I love sharing them with you.  Why?  You know.  Sharing doubles the joy.  I bet you have lots of miracles in your life too.

My dad did once say he would always love me and always be with me, but that’s another story which  I’ll share  with you another time.

Now I’m going to make ravioli from scratch.  My partner in pasta-making is another of my loves, my wonderful son Patrick whose middle name is Joseph, Joseph after my dad.  Coincidentally (not)  when God took my dad away he gave me Patrick in dad’s place… and on my birthday too.  Like I said, I’ve been blessed with  many miracles.  Maybe dad will be pop up joining Patrick and me in  pasta making.  You never know.  He pops up when I least expect him.

So till next time…