The pleasure of a letter…

The delight of a Country Inn Day…

The joy in sharing tea

These are just three of my favorite things!

Carol Ann McCarthy of Hudson, Ohio shares her love for the beautiful Art of Letter writing and her playful inventions – Country Inn Days and Sharing Teas, because she has found that sharing truly doubles her joy.

The Art of Letterwriting

is not dead and gone as many suspect, but rather is alive and well. It is simply forgotten or not yet discovered by people today. Modern forms of communication are truly marvelous but the pleasures found in letter writing are completely different for a letter is personal, artistic, expressive and lasting. Letters are a complete treat!

Country Inn Days

are imaginative escapes from routine life. On Country Inn Days, Carol Ann’s 1853 home becomes her personal inn of imagination and she plays the part of innkeeper, inn chef, inn gardener and inn maid and most importantly, inn guest. More than a staycation, a Country Inn Day is a play day, a complete treat. Adults need play every bit as much as children — maybe more.

Sharing Teas

are a favorite way Carol Ann entertains on Country Inn Days.  Some Sharing Teas are devoted to children introducing them to the old world pleasure of afternoon tea.  Other Sharing Teas are devoted to adults — Someone old (an old friend or relative), Someone new (a new delightful acquaintance), Someone borrowed maybe two ( one or both invited guests may be asked to bring along a friend).  All guests are encouraged to share personal joys and passions at tea, keeping the conversation as delightful and inspiring as Carol Ann’s setting and food delicacies aim to be.

Let Carol Ann explain how Country Inn Days,  The Art of Letter Writing  and Sharing Teas take her out of the busy modern world to a relaxed and gracious place, a place of reflection, sharing, and creativity where ideas blossom and are cultivated into joy.