Carol Ann creates a thoughtful, informative and lively presentation from a writing table explaining why the art of letter writing deserves a place in our modern world.

After joining The Letter Exchange ten years ago, a national organization for letter writers, Carol Ann has written and received thousands of letters thereby developing a great love and passion for letter writing. Though she realizes not everyone will become a letter writer she feels strongly that many people would enjoy letters if they were awakened to their pleasures… reminded that letters do still exist even though we now have more modern forms of communication. The handwritten letter will always exist because a thing of beauty is a joy forever and a letter full of caring and sharing is truly a thing of beauty.

It is my hope that by sharing the joy I find in letters others will discover joy as well. This is my mission: to share joy. I invite you into my world of letters by attending one of my talks where you will find inspiration to look into your heart and write your own letters.

Carol Ann