About Carol Ann

Under Carol Ann McCarthy’s charming guidance, the Art in Life is put within reach of all of us. Her path to sharing joy is one that is a delight to follow, with many treasures along the way.


Carol Ann currently lives in Hudson, a historic town in Northeast Ohio. Her home was built in 1853 and sits graciously amidst rolling lawn and very old majestic trees. Here she lives quietly with her husband, and had, for some time, a fiesty little schnauzer now departed. Carol Ann is mother to two grown sons. She has a degree in music education and has taught in public and private schools in Cleveland and Boston.  She has also been assistant to the Director of Education for the Cleveland Orchestra and has written music for children produced in schools and on public television. These days she shares her love of music by directing a children’s church choir.

Carol Ann has a great love for the arts, nature, the beauty in life, creativity, imagination, ideas shared, and her fellow man. She believes strongly that our purpose on earth is to know God, to be of service to others and to do our work with joy. One way we can all be of service to others is to share our joys whatever they are. After joining The Letter Exchange ten years ago, a national organization for letterwriters, Carol Ann has written and received thousands of letters thereby developing a great love and passion for letterwriting. Though she realizes not everyone will become a letterwriter she feels strongly that many people would enjoy letters if they were awakened to their pleasures… reminded that letters do still exist even though we now have more modern forms of communication. Most people think letterwriting is dead, a thing of the past, but this is not so. The handwritten letter will always exist because it is very special. Unlike e-mail and texting a letter is personal and lasting.

It is Carol Ann’s hope that by sharing the joy she finds in letters others will discover joy as well. This is her mission… to share joy. She invites you into her world of letters by attending one of her talks and urges you to look into your heart and write … for when you give good things come back to you.