“I believe many of our members were inspired, as I was… Through your charming personal anecdotes you reminded us all of the need to keep this art alive in our own lives”

Shelia Best, The Aurora Study Club

“Our members were spellbound by the stories you shared… it was beautiful and inspiring.”

-Evelyna Nightingale, Hower House Victorians

(Evelyna wrote a lovely thank-you letter.)

“What a wonderful presentation! You have been given a special gift with your letter writing. Thank you for sharing it with us!”

-Linda Kardish

“Your talk was fabulous! Thank you so much for treating us with your letter writing. You are an inspiration! You have so much joy to share!”

Katie McQueeny

“Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation and introducing us to creative and artistic letter writing. And a special “Thank You” for “Death is nothing at all.” Wes and I especially enjoyed it. Keep writing! Thank you.”

Jeannette Martin

“Your talk was excellent – you gave us many, many wonderful tips on beautiful letter writing. Thank you for sharing – you are so special!”

Pam Smith

“You are just enchanting. I enjoyed you so much!”

Linda Miller

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with the ladies of St. Joan’s Circle. Your presentation was delightful!”

Diane Szostek 

“What a wonderful charming talk! Thank you so much for sharing…it was so inspiring!”

Jenny Maggis

“Please write to me – you are so creative and lovely!”

-Missy Burrows