In Detail

Both the Art of Letterwriting and Country Inn Days speak to the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life. Each activity is a complete treat!


  • slow down, sit back, take pen to paper, reflect, hand-write a letter to a friend
  • we use physical materials to create the art of a letter – papers, inks, sealing wax, postage stamps, often creating our own cards and stationery
    Country Inn Days

  • we operate as innkeeper, cook, maid, gardener, guest, inserting a sense of play into all that these characters do.
    “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun [experience a Country Inn Day] and then the job’s a game.”
    Mary Poppins
    (a regular inn guest)

  • We’re writing letters to others, not journaling where thoughts are kept to ourselves. Others are writing back to us. Much sharing is taking place. Old relationships are strengthened, and new relationships are created across the miles.
    Country Inn Days

  • As Innkeeper and Inn Chef we entertain others at the Inn’s sharing teas and intimate dinner parties
  • We enjoy and become inspired by “Dead Friends” who frequent the Inn. “Dead friends” are people of the past. by using imagination they share with us through their personal letters and through books and films about their lives. “Dead friends” join us on our Country Inn Day outings.

  • Ideas and favorite subjects are shared in letters encouraging intellectual thinking
  • Creativitiy is stimulated as we think and handwrite and respond. Letters promote in-depth conversations.
  • Dated letters become historical documents.
    Country Inn Days

  • As cook and gardener food and nature is explored. As innkeeper the subject of home becomes art and design projects as well as sets for entertaining. Inn guests relax with favorite hobbies and delight in the company of “dead friends” who act as other Inn guests. These brilliant people of the past share their ideas through personal letters, books and films.

  • Letterwriting can become a ministry. As we show our penfriend that we care about him or her, offer understanding, appreciation, spirit and encouragement, we spread love around this weary world.
    Country Inn Days

  • Inn Days offer time for spiritual reflection and meditation.
  • Day-long spiritual retreats can be scheduled on Inn Days to review and clarify our purpose in life.
  • Spirit is shared as hospitality is extended to Inn guests at Sharing Teas and Dinner parties.

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