Why not write a letter

Today we have snow, lots and lots of snow so I won’t be going out to see friends, but I can still visit with friends. All I have to do is write my friends a letter. It’s fun!

I make a delicious hot drink and pull out some paper. I might do a little drawing on that paper first because I do like to dabble in art, but then the fun begins. I get comfortable and just think of my friend writing freely as I would speak to her.

I share what’s been going on in my life – what I’ve been reading, where I’ve been going, what I’ve been thinking and I ask my friend those same questions. What has she been reading? Where has he been going? What is she thinking about these days? A letter must not be only about me.

I think of a time when my friend and I were together and I reflect on that time as I write. Reflection is good. Lord Byron said, “A life without reflection is a sad affair” and I agree. Writing a letter is the perfect time to reflect on anything and everything. We then share those reflections with our friend. Sharing doubles the joy and divides the sorow you know.

My new patio garden

I might enclose a picture in my letter. A picture is worth a thousand words. I’d been telling my letter friends, friends from all around the world, about the garden I was putting in last Summer. Well, why not send them a picture? Most of these people will never have the chance to come to my home for a tea for two under the umbrella – unfortunately. At least they can see my garden in the pages of their letter.

If you’re not already a letter writer you might not know who to write, but once you become a letter writer you’ll have letters to answer, lots and lots of letters. That’s the magic of letter writing. When you give good things come back to you and because you’ll want to answer those letters it will be very easy to know who to write next and what to say. You’ll respond to the things your letter friend told you in her last missive. It’s a conversation not an essay. You write of something going on in your life and then the next paragraph is all about something your letter friend told you. A little give and take makes your letter fun for your friend to read. They want to hear what you thought of their comments, their actions, their projects. A letter is about you, but not all about you.

I’m fortunate to have a lot of delightful letter friends, friends like Becky Ann from Orchard Park, New York, U.S.A. It’s always so nice to get her letter. She lifts me up as she describes the interesting things she’s doing and the beautiful things in her world. I try to lift her up with my letters too. That is the point of friendship, isn’t it? Sure, there’s always doom and gloom in the world but why focus on it. It’s much nicer to focus on the good and the beautiful. As we write about such things we feel good and beautiful. Thoughts have power you know. Maybe you should turn off the news and read a good and inspiring book or take a walk in nature, then write a letter to tell your friend all about those things.

So although I look out my window and see a cold, snowy day, my heart is filled with the warmth of the Thanksgiving Season and I want to share that warmth with others. I may not be able to visit friends in person but there’s nothing stopping me from visiting them via letter.
Letters waiting for my answer

Which letter shall I answer? Fear not, I do have a system. Yes, I’m blessed to have many correspondents and many letters to answer. I haven’t taken the time to count the letters waiting for my attention, but lots of letters is what happens when you write one, two or three letters a day. Your mailbox is a very busy place. It’s filled with love coming and going. So though it’s been fun writing to you about letters it’s now time for me to enjoy writing a letter. If you’re one of my pen friends that letter might just be to YOU!

Do you recognize the letter I’ll be answering? Is it from you? Beautiful stationery deserves beautiful stationery in return so I’m using paper in my Jane Austen collection and of course I’ll also be using my lovely Mont Blanc fountain pen. I hope you’ll be writing a letter too. I’m sure there are lots of people who would love to hear from you and of course you could always write to me. I’d love to hear from you,

So bye for now, be happy and just WRITE!

8 thoughts on “Why not write a letter

  1. Hello Carol Ann,

    Whenever I read of your posts in promoting old-fashioned letter writing, you are “preaching to the choir,” though you know that I do not cast my net very far and wide in my letter writing efforts as you most certainly do, my being quite happy with quality vs. quantity. You know that I see you as a valued pen friend for the past 6 ½ years.

    I was surprised to read of your mentioning (and including a photo) of your recent snowfall. I then went to a Cleveland newspaper website and found this mention, “After the first real snow came this past weekend, Nov. 13-14 2021,…” Here in Hannibal, Missouri, we had reports of snow skirting our area, but none landed in Hannibal.

    In my letter that should be heading your way, I mention in it of how I was very amused by the first paragraph in your letter to me dated November 6, 2021. I see that my comments to you about one of your “luxuries in life” was successfully conveyed to you in a recent letter of mine. 😉

    Although I placed this info in my letter that is headed your way right now, because of the slowness in the U.S. Mail over the past year or so, I will give this a mention here, though you have been clear to me in the past of your disinterest in this subject. But on the night of November 18, 2021, actually just past Midnight (E.S.T.) into November 19, 2021, providing that your skies are clear, there will be a deep partial lunar eclipse in which the earth’s shadow begins to “eat” into the full moon’s bright disk at 2:18 a.m., E.S.T. And the maximum of this lunar eclipse occurs at 4:03 a.m., E.S.T. at which time 97% of the moon’s disk is darkened by being inside the earth’s shadow, with a very tiny sliver at the bottom of the moon’s silvery bright disk still being visible. And then the moon completely exits the earth’s shadow at 5:47 a.m., E.S.T., at which time when we all get our bright full moon back once again.

    I know that the times of this lunar eclipse, alone, places you in a “state of dread,” but maybe you will want to pass this on to your two sons. I am sure that it will be in much of the media just before this lunar eclipse takes place. And maybe some readers of these comments might be interested to take a peek at this “celestial wonder” which will be visible to everyone who lives in the United States who has a clear sky that night.

    Well, I will now get off of my “Astronomy Soapbox.” Stay warm and I want you to know that I appreciate being pen friends with you, as many others also do.


  2. Greg, It’s always nice to hear from you and I will mark the date of the lunar eclipse and try to be awake to see it. No promises though. We each have our soapboxes. Mine is about letterwriting. Yours is about astonomy and that’s fine, even good. Sharing doubles our joy.

  3. Beautiful article! Your garden is gorgeous and I hope to visit there someday! Would love to get a letter on that paper you show!😃

  4. Wow, How beautiful! It reminded me the time I was in the military training. I could only connect with my family and friends by letters, I felt more connected to them then compare to now that we can communicate any time we want. You motivated me to start writing letters to people, it can be a bit intimidating tho, I wouldn’t know where to start. Maybe make some pen pals who I never met before? Anyways, loved loved loved your post and 100% agree with “A life without reflection is a sad affair”!

  5. Meghan, I’m so happy that you left a comment and I’m especially happy I inspired you to write letters. If you’re looking for letter friends to get you going write a letter to me. Use this address: P.O.Box 1075, Hudson, Ohio 44236.

  6. A couple of friends and I are going out to dinner. You and Bill have a great Thanksgiving too. Can’t wait for your letter!💜

  7. Dearest Carol Ann,

    I am in the process of writing to you as we speak and I’m very excited to be reacquainted with you and through your letters. It’s always such a pleasure and I am so glad to have you as a part of my life. A letter coming soon. You have perhaps encouraged me to write into my own blog, it’s been far too long!

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